What a Week.

I feel guilty for slightly neglecting my blog this week– especially after posting such a morose message late on Saturday night. That was much more dramatic than how I usually like to express myself, but it fit the day and mood. Typically, I like to handle things with a much more realistic and healthy approach to whats going on, but I needed a little melodrama at the moment. On top of which, being realistic isn’t always the most fun. I deserve a little theatrics in my life every once in a while, right?
Anyway, there has been soooo much going on the past few days. At the beginning of the week, I figured the most stressful thing was going to be the fact that I was entering the perfect storm that is midterms, but as the week took shape, so many other factors came into play that I wasn’t expecting. And although I would love to fill you in on everything right now, most of everything is still quite up in the air so I think I’ll wait until things are a bit more figured to give a full update so I can most successfully compute and communicate my thoughts. But for people who are dangerously curious, I’ll give you a few teasers to chew on until all details are revealed. Keywords: Living off campus. Car shopping. Holiday work. Summer Internship. Hopefully I can keep all the balls in the air for a few more days until I can figure them each out one by one.

That’s all you get.

2 thoughts on “What a Week.

  1. i love experimenting with melodrama. and i will hire you to teach me how to sew properly during the holidays. i pay next to nothing. am impatient. easily distracted. and have two boys running wild around the house. but would love to make something that didn't fall apart the first time i washed it.

  2. That is a lot to go through / think through / process, much less try to figure out…all in one week!

    Proud of the way you think, love the way you take things on, and looking forward to seeing the conclusion to this mystery novel, called your week.


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