Fall 2010: The Girl Who’s Ready for Anything

The week has been quite busy here in Savannah. Since the start of fall, things have been steadily picking up. Between time consuming homework and the ever growing exploration list of things to discover in the town. Although things are so vastly different from home, I am so inspired here and excited to wake up in the morning to face the day (except Tues./Thurs. when we have design at 8. No bueno.) I recently saw an ad campaign in a magazine that really struck me. A very dynamic girl was rocking a great fall ensemble with a caption that read “Fall 2010: The Girl Who’s Ready for Anything.” I want that to be my motto in this season. To embrace whatever opportunities come my way with grace, determination and style. Like?

Anyway, I’ve been a little slow at blogging which I don’t like because it makes me feel behind which makes me even less inclined to blog. So instead of trying to recap on every detail since my last post, I’ll just brush over a few of the most recent events of late.

As I made quite clear on my blog, the big b.day was a week ago and I was a little bit apprehensive this year about how I would be celebrating due to the fact that I didn’t know what the friendship situation and status would be at by the time my birthday rolled around. Well, I’ve been so blessed with great friends here that took care of me quite well. Not only did we go out to breakfast to this great place, SoHo South. We had a great time walking around the city for the day and soaking up Savannah.

I’ve especially been enjoying the squares that are all over Sav. These shady oasis’ are not only beautiful to look at but a great place to enjoy a picnic– something we’ve done a few times since moving in. The other day we happened to be going to coffee when this amazing wedding was taking place. There were only about 40 people, but the bride and groom were just glowing and I wanted to be apart of the party so bad.

Here we are leaving dinner at Cha Bella on my birthday. So delicious. I love everyone’s faces in this picture. And the lighting. It really exudes the feel of Savannah by night. Quiet and creaky, but still charmingly beautiful. By the way, my outfit was curtesy of Linda Patton. Thanks again, Mom!
We’re out of consecutive order now, but I had to show you guys this picture on the way to Tybee Island (the closest beach). The coast is so vastly different on the Atlantic than the Pacific and this picture kind of demonstrates how. The marshes, although stinky, are beautifully green and I want to just lay in them or take a canoe and sit and read a book while I drift. So magical.

Here are Spencer and I in the Forsyth Park drawing. Although I can guarantee her drawing is far better than mine (struggling with that a little bit) it was nice to relax in the grass. Actually, I’m lying. It wasn’t at all. Ants were getting all over everything. Dirt was making its way onto my paper and it was close to 100 degrees that day with humidity. Yuck. But she does make a good backrest.

So, that’s the best you’re gonna get from me today. We have a packed sched. as usual. We’re about to go to the art tradeshow to relish in the student discounts and then make our way to the movie theater to sneak our way into a few movies without necessarily paying for all of them. Oops? I’m sorry. It’s called being on a budget.
I’m going to blog more. Promise.

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  1. Pujela! It looks like you're having a great time and I'm so happy you've been able to enjoy the city a little bit. I want to come visit so bad it looks awesome!!! Please keep blogging! I know you are busy but I love hearing about your life since I am so very far away from you which makes me sad): Hey guess what though??? I'm coming home for Thanksgiving now! So we need to meet up over that time to catch up. You're great!!!

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