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Hello, all! There is so much going on on this side of the country right now and I cannot wait to fill you in on every detail, but before that, I found an article online the other day about these beautiful bags from the Hmong people of China and Mongolia. I’ve seen similar ones before, but I never knew their origin. Instead of just re-writing the whole article, I’ll just pull the old copy and paste so you can get the most accurate info.
I think they are so amazing– not to mention perfect for fall! So here’s the article. Enjoy!

“The Hmong are an ancient tribe who originated from the mountain regions of China and Mongolia and migrated south to Laos, Thailand and Vietnam seeking social and political freedom. The word Hmong means “free” and this is a defining element of Hmong tribes.

Following the Vietnam War many Hmong people were forced into refugee camps in Thailand or immigrated to America, Australia, Canada and France. You may remember Clint Eastwood’s film Gran Torino was based on a Hmong American community in Michigan.

Hmong people are often referred to as “flower Hmong” for their vivid pa ndau embroidery, meaning “flower cloth.”
The fabrics were originally worn for celebrations such as births, weddings, and New Year, but can also be seen in everyday items like baby carriers strapped to womens’ backs. Dazzling Lanna is an Etsy shop that creates one-of-a-kind handbags from vintage, handsewn Hmong baby carriers.

So much work goes into each piece, from growing and dying the hemp to hand-sewing the embroidery. Cheaper alternatives are available on eBay but keep in mind that the cheaper price points usually means cheaper, machine made textiles.”

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  1. The Hmong up until 30 or so years ago had no written language. That is why their bags have such unique characteristics. Their textiles are also their books they tell the story of the history and culture of the Hmong peoples.

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