An Ode to Comfort

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy and I don’t think I would describe myself as a high maintenance kind of gal, but I love wearing dresses. Something about them makes me feel pretty, and I really like the fact that a dress makes getting ready so easy in the morning. It’s the one-stop-shop of the closet, if you will. Just throw one on and you’re nearly ready to walk out the house. But, I noticed my serious infatuation with something while I was packing up the embarrassingly large of amount of clothes I own and putting them into boxes for SCAD; It’s something that I knew before but realized only when I had a slight panic attack about not having it at my disposal for the next week.
I have a dangerous obsession with a sweater. Before you judge, let me explain that this is not just any sweater. No, no, no, folks. This is the BR394 Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover. The name truly says it all. Tri-Blend. Light weight. Pullover! This little guys is so versatile that it acts more like a close friend than a piece of clothing. I could wear it with jeans, over a dress, with a skirt, to bed, at the beach, in a box, with a fox, on a plane, on a train. I will wear them here and there. I will wear them everywhere!

And as much as I hate American Apparel (reasons including their overpriced cheap clothes, poor customer service, inconsistant sizing, obnoxious hipster/we’re cooler than you vibe and not to mention the fact that their owner has been hit with over 5 sexual harassment suits in the last 3 years), I am in a slight panic about their recent money problems and announcement of possible nationwide closing. If the company no longer exists, what in the world will I do if I need another fix? Where will I go to stop the itch and calm down my nerves if I perhaps use up my supply. Although I already have three of the colors, do I buy the other two just for security!?
Well, I’ll save those problems for another day. Until then, let me just make a public thank you about how much I love you, BR394 Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover. You have changed my life in more ways than you will ever know, and for that, I am grateful. I cannot wait until we are once again reunited and I can show you around SCAD.

One thought on “An Ode to Comfort

  1. Great sweater . . . pretty pathetic model (not her personally , but she looks so sad and undesirable) – Hey, maybe this will work for you – people will no be pulled in by her modeling and they won't buy the sweater and they're be more available for you!!!

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