Slowly Fading Away

16 days until SCAD. And things have started to shift. Lately it feels like the things I do and the people I’m with don’t fit as well as they did a before. A year ago at this time, I would just be starting my senior year with all of my ducks in a row. Who my friends are, what I do in my spare time, the way my future was beginning to take shape were all things that at I felt comfortable with and strangely decided on. Now, lines are starting to blur and I find myself in a valley of “what if’s,” “maybe’s” and “I think’s.” I don’t quite belong here anymore, but thereisn’t fully ready for me yet either. So, I wait. And I embrace this odd and fabulous time that has no predeterminations or requirements.

Today I’m going to make a loaf of bread. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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