Julia The Renegade

I wish I was a gypsy. Or a dancer. Or a socialite.

I look in the mirror sometimes and wish I had the balls to go all out when it came to style and be unabashedly outlandish in the way I portray myself as a person. Sure, sometimes I dye my hair or wear two different floral patterns together in one outfit (gasp!) but I’ve noticed lately that all of my risks in life, whether its with clothes, or relationships or experiences are quite calculated. And life’s too short to be calculating all the time. I guess this has just hit me recently because of the fact that when I go off to school, and there isn’t going to be anybody there that can keep “Julia” balanced and in check. I can be whoever I want to be and no one would know the difference. I feel, on the whole, I have made pretty good choices in my life. And the mistakes I have made have been taken out to coffee where a nice conversation takes place about the room to grow in our lives. Then from that point on, I try to speak nicer, or spend wiser, or feel more, or clean better. How can I truly throw caution to the wind when I’m always going 25 in residential areas? And how can I live like their’s no tomorrow when tomorrow morning I have a doctor’s appointment at 9:15 and a to-do list the size of Texas?

Maybe I will get that tattoo.

2 thoughts on “Julia The Renegade

  1. I understand what you are saying my friend. I have often puzzled over the idea of taking the year after I graduate college to just dance. Literally, learn all kinds of different dance styles and just enjoy myself! But sometimes it makes me sad that I don't think I could ever stop my practical mind from working and actually do this/: Maybe it will happen
    though…well see.

    love you!

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