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The other day, I got my fall class schedule from SCAD, which I was not expecting for a few more weeks (don’t you just love pleasant surprises?).
After taking a few days to really mull it over, it’s weird to think that this is just one more piece of paper to nail home the fact that I am going to college. In 4 weeks. Across the country. Eek.
I’m not super thrilled with the idea of having an 8 o’clock class two days a week, but here’s my thinking on that one: It’s Design, so it may be fun to get my creative juices flowing so early in the morning. It will force me to be up and at ’em therefore giving me some good focus time before my Speech class and, if all else fails, I’m sort of a morning person so, there’s that on my side.
I also like the fact that SCAD has a building named Pepe, and that I get to take a class in it. I can already picture me having fun with that in some way or another in the future.
So, there you have it. 15 units of pure, unadulterated learning. And the best part is, NO MATH OR SCIENCE!

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