Judging a Book by Its Cover

So, I’m not a huge reader. I want to be and when I do get into a book that I really respond to, it consumes me and there is nothing I’d rather do than sit in bed and just read and read for days. Even when it’s done, I typically find myself referencing the storyline or the characters for the next few weeks until it slowly fades away. (You know it’s a great book when that never stops)

Many of you are probably familiar with Coralie Bickford-Smith… though you may not know it. She is the talented senior cover designer at Penguin Books who is responsible for the jacket designs of the new classics that many of us have been lusting over for the past few years as they continue to be released…

What I didn’t realize is that she had created a series of deco inspired covers for the entire F. Scott Fitzgerald collection, and I have to say I’m more motivated than ever to dive into the rest of his books…

We read The Great Gatsby in school and I loved every page, not only for the story and the style of writing, but also for the decadence of the twenties that was so well portrayed throughout the book.

My only complaint is that these covers aren’t hardbacks, so they will be harder to preserve. On the upside… I think I just found some serious inspiration for a Gatsby-esque birthday bash come September!

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