The Fierce-Some Foursome

I’m so excited for dinner with the Patton cousins tonight.

I love all of my family, but spending time with just Tracy, Taryn, Kaitlin and me is always such a blast. Since Tracer went off to college….3?….4? years ago, and all of us living fairly busy lives with very opposite schedules, we try to get one night down on the calendar about once every 6 months to just hang out and catch up on life. It is so weird to think that we are all in college and getting closer and closer to being real life, fully functioning, job having, bill paying adults! Since when are we doing this for real and not just playing dress up and pretending to be old? Actually now that I think about it, not much has changed since then. It’s funny because when I think back on us playing house as kids we had the same basic storyline every time. Basically, we were always sisters in a family whose parents had died in a tragic car accident and now we were forced into the great big world just trying to find our way while still being a family and maintaining each of our identities (can you tell we had a little bit of the flare for the dramatic? What can I say– we watched a lot of 7th Heaven back in the day). And then there was something about the firemen chasing the policemen or whatever. The characters we played back then have really seemed to oddly show up in the paths we are taking even today. Tracy, who is now in Nursing school, was always the calming and responsible mom who wrote all the checks and did all the cooking (bow-tie pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, of course). Taryn, currently an English major, was the teacher who gave us math lessons on the whiteboard and made us all practice our handwriting. I was always a painter (the countdown to SCAD is now 29 days, by the way). And Kaitlin, was always always the older sister of the family who “went to Hollywood to be an actress and a model and made it big in the entertainment business only to come back and help her lowly siblings in their rather tragic predicament while simultaneously dealing with the turmoil of maintaining her dazzling career.”….Don’t quite know how the fits into her now going into Psychology, but we’ll just go with it.
I just re-read this whole thing and I can’t think of a way to close out this post without quoting the Graduation Song by Vitamin C or Ferris Bueller. There is no way to finish this without making it even more cheesy than it already is. I’m not even going to try.
Urg. For me being a pretty apathetic person in real life, it feels like a lot of my blog posts end up being a large bowl of emo soup. I need to stop being so ridiculously mushy.
Alright, well all of that to say that I am so excited for dinner with the Patton cousins tonight. I know it will not disappoint. šŸ˜€

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