Iceland Just Gets Better and Better

Alright, this obsession with Iceland may be getting just a tad bit out of hand, but how can I help it when I keep finding all of these amazing facts and stories about this totally under-rated country!? This Michigan couple invited their family and friends to Iceland, where they tied the knot in a teeny chapel. The portrait by the hot springs is so rad.
I’ve never been one of those girls who’s planned out every last detail of my wedding in my head. The only real details I have nailed down are that I want my dress and my groom to be extremely hot. Maybe a destination wedding in Iceland would be just the ticket to the perfect wedding. Yes– I like that idea. You hear that, future husband? It’s been decided. We’ll marry in Iceland in the Spring!
…..Jumping the gun a bit, perhaps? Maybe.

One thought on “Iceland Just Gets Better and Better

  1. Ok so I finally have time to get caught up on your life and thoughts of life and I just sat down to start reading all of the ones from August because I seriously slacked and I apologize. I just parked my butt in our coffeeshop in a comfy chair by the fireplace with a chai latte(and it's raining btw!) to read all of your posts. The only thing that would make this better is the replacement of Katy Perry with Norah Jones on the speakers but I can deal with that. ANYWAY…I think a destination wedding to Iceland would be epic and perfect! I mean with our obsession with chapels adn gazebos we at least need to go visit this chapel!!! I'm so in love! We need to make that trip happen sooooooooooon!


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