Turner, Room 154

Today I got my official room assignment and I could not be more excited. Not only did I get the residence hall that I wanted, but everything worked out with the roommates I requested. Hassle averted. (P.S. Get familiar with the names Spencer and Claire)
So, one of the main reasons I even signed up for this whole college whatever is so I could decorate a dorm room. The roomies and I have talked about it and we are going for a bohemian, Anthropologie, colorful vibe. I can definitely work with that.
The other day mom and I made a few key first purchases and it just awakened the inner shopaholic in me because now I’m even more buy happy than I was (something I didn’t think was possible).

The first purchase was this owl we found in Urban Outfitters. Not necessarily a necessity, but I could not resist taking him home because he is just so lovable! I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be an ash tray, but I figure I can use him to hold my keys or phone or bobby pins or something. Or I could just talk to it when I’m lonely. Notice that I am already calling it “him”….it’s obvious he is male, but only time will tell what his actual name will be.
The comforter is basically the key piece in any dorm room. It sets the tone for essentially everything. A bad comforter means poor sleep which leads to poor study habits which leads to poor grades which leads to emotional eating eventually leading to the expulsion from college. Basically, I explained to my mother that if I didn’t get this comforter, I would turn into a fat college dropout with sleep apnia. She understood. Am I taking this too seriously?
I also got this great hook from Anthropologie as a graduation gift from Auntie Anne. Nothing better than a great hook. Plus, she just happened to pick my favorite letter “J”! It’s my favorite because my first name starts with J. Such a great coincidence.

There will be much more buying before and after I move to Turner 154, so I’ll keep everyone posted. 38 DAYS!

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  1. Why does everything seem to lead to emotional eating? oh well . . .don't fight it. . . have another triple Double Chocolate Malted Crunch at the drugstore.

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