Say Hello to Avalon

Avalon Sanders sits in front of me in third period. Everyone calls her Avalon Sanders because the Sanders is what makes her famous. Her mother, Candy, is the ex-girlfriend of musician Darryl Hall from the 80s pop sensation, Hall and Oates and her father is the reigning champ and 8 time winner of Reno, Nevada’s annual Oktoberfest Poker Tournament. Avalon Sanders’ dream is to become a Deal or No Deal model and with her popularity in the school reaching an all-time high after winning “Best Eyes” in the 2010 Yearbook, it looks like she may just achieve her dream. Although she maintains a steady 3.8 GPA, reading, writing, science and arithmetic are not her strong points and I strongly believe that she is illiterate. The other day her world crumbled and I saw her begin to cry after she scuffed her new white tennis shoes. I wonder if she will ever know true happiness again.

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