Meet Lara

My best friend’s mom is named Lara. She is a Fanilow of Barry Manilow, reads self-help books and watches The Antique Road Show. She runs nine and a half miles a day and is allergic to shellfish. When you really tick her off, her right eye slightly twitches and the lisp that she learned to control when she was 7 accidentally slips out. Just when I think I’ve figured her out, she references a Tupac song or reveals her tramp stamp tattoo when she reaches up high for something. Sometimes, I like to guess about what she was like when she was younger, but I know I’ll never know the truth. Does she miss who she used to be or is she content to live the life of the world’s best mom? One time I saw her spiking her morning coffee, but I think I’ll keep that our secret.

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