About to Pop.

I miss blogging. My butt has been glued to the couch for the last two weeks and I’m going extremely batty. And my mind feels all mushy. Blogging would be a great way to pass the time, but my little corner of the couch is one of the only places in the whole house that doesn’t get internet access. Across the room, in the uncomfortable chairs, my internet is great, but in my little nest I got nothin. So, when I do make the extra special field trip to the island in the kitchen, I make it count. Like right now.
Today when I was catching up on all of my favorite websites, I came across this awesome series of pictures. And because I’m bored and all mushy, I’m going to make a this hypothetical connection of the picture to my life. So get ready for a stretch:
I am like a bubble. Floating through summer. Getting ready for the pop that is awaiting this autumn.
How do you like that? Two weeks and that’s what I come up with. Pretty good, huh?
So, hopefully I’ll be making the trek over to the kitchen a little bit more in the coming days and posting more genius statements like the one about bubbles and me.

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