Must. Write. Thank. You. Notes.

So, it’s been about a month since my graduation and graduation party and the convenient “I’m going on vacation,” “I’m on vacation,” and “I’m recovering from vacation,” excuses just aren’t cutting it anymore.
I was blown away by everyone’s generosity when it came to gifts. And with all of the joking I made on this blog about expecting amazing gifts and me being mad if I was let down by your offering, I’m a little worried people actually took me seriously!
I hate writing thank you notes because I feel like, although I am very very grateful for said gift, it always comes across as so fake and contrived. I’d much rather just go to coffee with each person and thank them with a single white daisy or a bag of fruit or something like that. But then they might feel obligated to give me a thank you note and it turns into one of those “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” situations. I actually really love the idea of them and in fact, it really bugs me when people fail to write a quick thank you, so I guess that’s just another example of me being a total hypocrite.
I’ve been putting it off, putting off, putting it off so, today I am forcing myself to sit down and write the over 40 cards that have been tickling the bottom of my feet for so long. Even now, though, instead of just hunkering down and doing it, I’ve convinced myself that a more appropriate use of time is for me to make a really rad house of cards and therefore waste another 20 minutes of my day.

You have to admit, though. It is pretty cool.
Hey, at least I’ve got lots of cute stationary (Thanks, Lauren and Tamara!)

2 thoughts on “Must. Write. Thank. You. Notes.

  1. Nice job on the house of cards, good foundation, nice roof design, oh did I mention how much I love you!!!!!!! Uncle Doug

  2. I am a disliker of the thank you card. I LOVE what they stand for, don't get me wrong, but I agree with you that they just seem forced and that as much as you try to make them sound sincere they sound phony and like an expected thing you are just supposed to do. And it's not like the person is going to keep it and save it forever, unless you're Grandmason. I think that we should say thank you in a different way like you said. It would be so much better! So I guess that is what I'm going to think about tonight as I try to fall asleep…a better alternative to the thank you card. Hopefully this will keep my mind off of the next chapter of Breaking Dawn since that has been the trend the past few nights when trying to fall asleep.ha Love you! Cuzzy Taryn

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