Comments, People.

Ok. We need to have a family meeting.
This blog is a blast. I love it. And if it were up to me, I would insert a chip into my brain that transmits a constant stream of my thoughts onto this blog for people to read 24/7, but I can’t. I checked. Technology won’t allow it. They said something about all the money being used to make Avatar. So instead, I take a bit of time out of my day to gather all of my Brain Buddies to come up with a short written piece about my life, or fashion, or food or ….yea, basically only fashion and food. (By the way, Brain buddies are little mustard colored furry friends that keep all the smart juice in the palms of their hands until I need to use some, in which case they start throwing the Smarts around in my skull. That’s how a brain works, in case you didn’t know.) So, when I log into my Blogspot account and see that no one has left any love back for me, it makes me feel cheap, dirty and used like a lady of the night. So, let’s go through this, just to make sure everyone is clear:
I blog. You comment. I blog. You comment. I blog. And you….? COMMENT! Very good.
Also, if and when you do in fact speak your mind on this lovely site of mine, PLEASE let me know who you are. Anonymous comments are for cowards.
Can you tell I’m in a bit of a snarky mood today? Too much sugar.
Let’s use this post as a practice run. There are so many comment-able aspects today. For example, did you notice the snazzy new background? How do you like it? Should I keep it or do we like the white better? Or do you like the idea of a background, but you just don’t really like this one. Give me your thoughts!


PS- How annoying is this cat? It really bugs me.

6 thoughts on “Comments, People.

  1. love reading your blog and think the cat looks cute! I can't seem to post with my name so it is Beth Barnhizer!

  2. I love your blog too! I love your creativity, your perspective, your humor, the off-beat funny things you incorporate and come up with. I AM A JP DEVOTEE!

  3. i must insist that you are one of the coolest people i know. in fact, not to generalize, but i think your whole family is a special species of human that strikes me as particularly wonderful and awe inspiring. you may think i am joking, but i assure you i am not. over these many years of knowing you all and watching you interact with the world i consider myself an expert. and in these moments of reading snippets from the brain of julia and seeing pictures of the people in your life, i can only say that i think you are brilliant. not in the cliche sense of the word. or in the way a parent must think their child is brilliant because he/she IS their child, but because you really are brilliant. i love the worn wood background. and i challenge anyone to disagree. if they don't like it, well just ignore them. unless they check your blog more than i do, in which case, consider the masses. i shamefully must admit this is my first official time and truly, shame on me. i have been missing out. i love you julia patton!!! love dionna

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