Good, Clean Fun.

The 4th ended up being perfect, as expected. My favorites of all time, The Page Family, came over to spend the afternoon at our house after some of them came back from a hike in the Trabuco Canyon area.
I grilled my own burger for the first time in my whole entire life! Momma P provided every topping imaginable and even had the bright idea to put extra stuff in the meat itself which turned out to be very tasty. I added garlic, blue cheese, and A1 sauce to my patty and then topped it off with some fresh ground pepper. Flaw. Less.

After dinner, we walked over to the Castaways for a great view of the Back Bay and a dazzling display of four firework shows.
Poor Tucker. He definitely gets the short end of the stick having to put up with our loud, obnoxious, girliness being the youngest and the only boy of our two families. Yesterday was no exception. I got ahold of his cell phone number and texted him for about 30 minutes pretending to be a new girl at church named Ali Cadabra. It took him a while to catch on. I thought it was funny. Am I being too mean?
I forget every year how much I absolutely LOVE fireworks. I could’ve watched them for 9 more hours. Something about expecting the unexpected makes me very giddy. So cool.
Chalk this 4th up to one more year of Casey and I celebrating a typically drunk holiday (for most teenagers) together and completely sober with our families. Classic Julia and Casey.
All in all, the 4 B’s were avoided and we still managed to have a great time! Imagine that.

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