Number 6: Family.

I love my family so much. We are loud. We are sarcastic. We are honest. We can be challenging. But we love each other so very much. I feel like I’ve wrote so much this week and I’m kind of burnt out on thinking (it’s summer, people. Thinking not allowed). So, I think I’m just going to do quick descriptions of each pic. Because I am a full on lazy bum.

This is the first night the whole family was together before the cruise. We went to this great dinner in Amsterdam. It was not only the kick off of the World Cup, which seemed to be a major theme of the whole trip, but also the start of me eating way too much bread. They don’t call me the Carb Queen for nothing.
Here’s just a good pic of the fam at Bagels and Beans (still can’t get over how great that name is). All looking great despite the incredible jet lag taking place.
Awww. Aren’t we great?
I love all these women. I think this was the first trip that I realized how old we all are. I mean, it used to feel like such an age range between all of the cousins and now we are becoming more and more similar in so many ways. Such a talented and beautiful group.
Watching the World Cup is way better in German.
That right there is what really made the whole first week for me. Family.
How do I say this in a way that doesn’t sound so incredibly ungrateful, immature, or entitled? ….Europe is amazing. And the fact that I have gotten to go on so many such amazing trips before I’m even twenty is really incredible and I am so, so lucky. But all the museums, churches and castles mean are nothing compared to the amazing time I got to spend just watching dumb movies and laughing with my cousins, the great talks and times of growth with my family, and memories that I’ll always cherish with my grandparents.

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