Number 2: Eating.

Obviously, I love food and besides just loving food, I love to eat, which, in my opinion, are two very different things. One of the great highlights of the trip was all the food I got to eat. All the delicious food I got to eat. The last time I was in Germany, we all got a little sick of the local food because it seems to be generally the same in most towns, but this trip was quite different. Everything was not only quite tasty but very varied which was so fun to try a lot of new things. Basically, this trip was all about the food. Let me put it this way. I’ve been out of Germany for 3 days and I already can’t remember how to say ‘bathroom,’ but I do know that when you are driving in Germany and you see a sign that says ‘Backerei/Konditorei’ PULL OVER.

We all got this hot chocolate at a place called Bagel’s and Beans in Amsterdam. I think it was hands down THE best hot chocolate I’ve ever had because of the way it was served. We got a cup of hot milk (and a lot of tasty foam– it’s all about the foam) and then a little cup of chocolate chips. I think I almost peed my pants when I saw the waitress walking towards me with this because it was just so cool. And the chocolate was delicious as well, so the whole thing just worked for me.

Pommes Frittes. There is nothing to special about the actual potato part because it is just like french fry, but the real magic comes with the “mayonaisse” (that is really nothing like mayonaisse) served with them. I think we got these every time we had the chance.
If we were playing the German food version of family fued, survey generally say’s bratwurst in the number 1 spot. I’m a big fan of a good brat, so I definitely wanted to eat one while I was in Germany. One of my families favorite stories about me is that when I was in Philadelphia, I managed to eat 3 Philly Cheesesteaks in one day. Well, I just about outdid myself on this trip because within about an hour I managed to polish off two Brats (and in the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you I probably could’ve been able to handle two more). But, honestly, how could I help myself!? They were sooo good!
Gelato. O, how I love you. One of my favorite things about Europe is their abundance of this chilly treat. We quickly discovered that if we wanted gelato, we got gelato because I think it’s literally the European equivalent to Starbucks in America… one on every corner. So, one day we were going in for our routine cup when I looked through the glass attempting to figure out what the German word was for ‘Cookies and Cream,’ when I realized that those crazy Germs decided to change the word chocolate to Obama. Hmmm…. yes, in fact, our president may be described as Chocolate, due to his skin tone, but is it really necessary to completely abandon a word that has served its job of naming my favorite food for hundreds of years? I think not. Needless to say, I ordered vanilla.
We got to be in France for one day (which is definitely not enough time to soak up all the amazing cuisine there) and after our tour, we had about 20 minutes of free time before we had to get back on the ship. We agreed that the most valuable use of our time was to scout the best cheap food we could find in such a short window of time and therefore utilizing, what I like to call F.F.O. (French Food Opportunities). Robert and Alyssa both managed to down two quiches, and I went with one quiche a little chocolate mousse dessert thing. Time/Euros well spent.
These pictures do not do all the food justice. Not shown are all the amazing pastas, kuchen (cake), various honey’s Kaitlin snagged along the way and a delicious fondue we had in Murren. This trip may have put me a bit behind on the scales, but it was well worth it. Good food always is.

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