Number 1: Amsterdam.

So, it turns out the final picture count is 747. I took 747 pictures in the last two weeks. Yesterday I spent way too long going through them and slightly editing them and forever deleting the ones that excentuate my dreaded lazy eye. Going through them all made me realize what an absolutely amazing trip we had and all the lovely moments that went down in those 2 suspended weeks in time. The hard part was then deciding which out of all the great pictures of family, beautiful scenery and historic buildings I was going to post and which ones would just gather the hypothetical computer dust on the shelves. After thinking over a few different ways to post my adventures in the most affective way, I have decided to take my favorite moments from the trip (I’ve narrowed it down to 6) and do them one at a time that way. Brilliant, right? Yea.

Alright. Number 1. (And these are in no particular order, by the way)
Amsterdam. We kicked off the trip with everyone meeting in Amsterdam a few days before the cruise started and I was surprised to find out that I really liked the city. Going in, I was a little weary because the first things I think of when I think of Amsterdam are pot and prostitutes. Not very family friendly and not very Julia. But after spending the weekend there I was so surprised at the beautiful canals that run through the city and the unique homes and buildings scattered all around. While we were there, we went to the Resistance Museum and the Rijks Museum which were both very cool. And we also got to go on a mini river tour around the canals so it was fun to get that perspective as well.
Almost more than anything, I was amazed at the people of Amsterdam. They shocked me from the moment I got their because of their insane good looks! From the time we got from the airport to the hotel, I was already so extremely intimidated by everyone I saw. Literally every man was handsome and all the women were beautiful and I think there must be a minimum height requirement because no one was under 5’8″. No fair. Although part of me just wants to believe that they are all just gorgeous freaks of nature, I do admit that some of their looks may be due to the fact that everyone rides their bikes everywhere there. From new borns strapped to the handlebars to seniors pedaling away, it is clear that health is a main priority and biking is a big part of that thus resulting in lean bodies. It still makes me jealous.

And what would a post be without some pictures, right? Good thing I had some options to choose from.

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