O. Em. Gee.

Ok. So, this is the first of probably about 59,842 posts regarding my trip to Europe and I’m not even home yet! This one is going to be short and sweet because it is really just a teaser of what’s ahead. I need to make a plan of attack on how I am going to cover all of the amazingness that has gone on in the last two weeks. wow– it’s only been two weeks and it feels like its been two months! Between the amazing towns we’ve been in and the embarassing amount of food I have eaten, there is just so much to say! I am going to do my best at trying not to be annoying or snooty about all of the awesome things I have gotten to do, but bear with me because I’ve been riding the amazing train since we’ve been here and just about everything we’ve done is awesome. Anyway, it is late and I am tired, but the picture above (thanks to google images…but believe me, you will be seeing plenty of pictures I’ve taken) is of Murren, the town we are staying in now, which is in Switzerland. It is beautiful to say the least. We’re coming home on Saturday, but until then, Auf wiedersehen!

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