If this doesn’t freak you out, I don’t know what will.

Ok. So this is the final installment from my textiles series, and as I previously mentioned, I think I definitely saved the creepiest for last.
We’ve all heard of Peta and their fight to protect animals no matter what it takes, right? We’ve also all heard of their (and other organizations’) attacks on the fashion industry for all the fur products they use in their clothes they produce, right? Well, there is a new technology that still offers wearing the hide of a mammal, but not necessarily an animal…have I totally lost you yet? I’m talking about victimless leather. According the official website “The Victimless Leather is grown out of immortalised cell lines which cultured and form a living layer of tissue supported by a biodegradable polymer matrix in a form of miniature stich-less coat like shape. The Victimless Leather project concerns with growing living tissue into a leather like material.” Still not getting it? THEY ARE MAKING LEATHER A LEATHER LIKE MATERIAL OUT OF HUMAN SKIN! This new idea was first revealed to the public at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in an incubator like the one pictured below.

As an art piece, the creators (two animal rights activist themselves) are trying to blur the line between what we see as dead and alive by creating a garment that is not only cutting edge and provocative but also protects animals . The installment at the MoMA itself literally had to be killed because it was growing too fast.
Personally, I am totally grossed out by this. Obviously, I can’t have a totally objective view on this because in my opinion, animals were put on this earth to be used for our advantage, so the whole animal protection doesn’t really strike a chord with me. Beyond that, who in the world would want to war a skin jacket?!?! Anyway, I don’t think this is the last you we are going to be hearing of alternative textiles, but I just thought I’d share. What do you guys think?

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