So, yea. I guess you could say I’m done with high school?

I HAVE FINALLY GRADUATED. And, just as I thought it would, it feels amazing. Wednesday was the big day and it flew by, but I also was able to really enjoy the day. Here’s a quick play-by-play. For the last handful of Tuesday nights, three of my friends convene at one of our houses to watch Glee, eat rather poorly, and then hit the hay, so we continued the tradition this week at my house as a kind of “Last Hurrah.” The next morning my mama made us all french toast to celebrate our last days as OCMC students. After that, we headed to school to get a few more practice runs in then home where I was greeted by more amazing family, Steve, Elva, and Alyssa, who drove all the way down from Sacramento just for the day. You guys rock!!! After a little house cleaning, it was off to the school for the big moment.
Graduation itself is such a blur, but all I know is, I didn’t fall. Success. It was an amazing feeling to walk across that stage hearing my friends and family cheer and knowing that I had completed one of the biggest hurdles in my life thus far. After all the diplomas were given out and the speeches were given, we danced out of the theatre to Queen/David Bowie’s, Under Pressure…how appropriate. Then after what felt like years of taking pictures, it was off to Bucca di Beppo for some family style Italian food…scratch that– it was more like a truckload of Italian food that made me feel like all that bagginess those graduation robes were not such a bad idea after all.
So that’s about it. I’m done with high school. I don’t feel sad or reminiscent and I woke up yesterday and today feeling the same way I did a week ago, but the one thing that I can acknowledge is the fact that I stuck to my morals all through high school. Going in, I was so afraid of what negative things could happen or the terrible person I may become, and I did have a moment yesterday where I realized that I stuck to what I set out to do: I never drank or did drugs or snuck out of the house or got pregnant and I feel that, as best as I could, was a light showing God’s love. I’m not perfect and by no means am I saying I didn’t make mistakes, but I can leave these four years of my life knowing I did good.
Thanks to all of my amazing family and friends who took time to come watch my walk across the stage. You don’t know how much all of your support in my life has meant to me and I probably wouldn’t be able to type what I just typed above if it wasn’t for all of you. I love you all soooo much.

Here, Kaitlin and I are displaying out excitement.
Diploma in hand. Officially done!
Me and Cherokee literally being too cool for school.
The best gals I know.
The official graduating class of Orange Coast Middle College High School 2010. All 31 of us.
So, Now it’s summer and the only things I need to worry about are my tan and the woodpecker outside my window that is waking me up far too early. It feels good to be lazy.

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