I’m still obsessed with this website.

I saw this new note and totally identified with it. Uncertainty plagues me and I’m still trying to figure out why. Change is something that thoroughly freaks me out and in some areas of my life, I love, crave and thrive in change but in other areas, it consumes my every breathe like a meal full of garlic. Weird. Thinking about this on my own and also talking it over with some close friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that I love change that I can control. When something is completely out of my hands, that is when the stress begins. Things like moving my furniture, going on vacation and cutting my hair are fun changes because they can be changed back. Friends moving away, getting older and people I care about making decisions I don’t agree with makes me uneasy. I need to start viewing change as possibility. I love that. This is definitely not the end of this. I’m going to keep thinking about it and let you know when I come up with something new.

One thought on “I’m still obsessed with this website.

  1. Like that perspective / thought too — like how you've figured out you only like change you can control — interesting thought . . .

    LOVE the way you think

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