The other day, I read this article on about iconic rocker red heads and it made me miss my ginger days. For those of you who don’t remember, this is the red head version of Julia.
Sassy, right?
Well, it got me thinking about my hair and what my next move is going to be. Despite the major awkwardness going on with my coif right now, eventually, it will grow out and I’m going to need a solid plan of attack. And the more I think about it, the more I want that attack to include a bottle of red dye.

I loved being a red head.
It made the fact that I’m extremely pale look a little less out of place.
It gets closer to fulfilling my dream of bringing Lucille Ball back to life.
I’ve got to keep up with up keep (and of all colors to dye your hair- red requires the most maintenance).
I’ve gottsta deal with all the haters. (Kaitlin Patton)
It gets closer to fulfilling my nightmare of becoming Carrot Top.

What do you guys think? For a couple of points of reference, I’ve included some more lovely red heads that make me want to take the plunge again.

3 thoughts on “Ginger.

  1. Go for it, Babycakes! If anyone can pull it off (with style and beauty, of course), it's you!!! It looks beautiful with your skin color and now's the time in your life to do it.

    I might recommend a bit less orange than last time — I looooove the color of the woman's hair in the last picture!!!


  2. I would have to agree…I didn't mind the red but maybe not so bright? My neighbor here has similar skin tone to you and she died her hair red and it looked great! But it was a little darker of a red. You always look beautimous though so really it doesn't matter(:

  3. Julia, you look very much like me in the picture with your friends in all of yur senior project clothes….so, I have to say, stay a blond….we have more fun. Love, Aunt Sue

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