Let’s Go Shopping?

So, now that senior project day is getting closer and things are actually starting to finally wind down, I’m finding myself with a new pocket of free time that has previously been filled with craziness the past few months. The air is getting warmer, the homework load is getting lighter, my skin is turning darker (not) and the summer euphoria is beginning to set in. As I look ahead to the fresh season, I’m getting anxious for a couple of things to hurry up and get here! …Graduation, The trip to Europe with the fam, time to sew (without the intense pressure of a looming due date) and so so so many other summer treats….but, wait….let’s go back to that first one. Graduation. Ahhh, yes, graduation. This, as I’ve stated before, is a long time coming and I literally could not be happier to close the book on high school. I’ve already bored you with my gushy sentiments about growing up so fast, great memories and other sappy cliches about moving on, so today, instead, we shall focus on one of the main reasons why graduation is going to rock: gifts. I wish I was mature and could be selfless enough to say that I could care less about material possessions but that would be a lie. Birthdays, Christmas, and any other opportunity to cash in on the loot is what I live for. Heck, just the other day, I bought a new dress justified by the fact that I was celebrating “New Home Owner’s Day” (which, by the way, actually does exist– other little known May holidays include National Infertility Survival Day, Respect for Chickens Day, National No Socks Day, and Cellophane Tape Day). So, I’m just going to lay it out on the line, here and stop beating around the bush: buy me graduation gifts. To help, I’ve given you, the reader/giver of gift, some helpful suggestions.

Ok, full disclosure here. I will fully admit that I used to chastise my mom for wearing clogs. There. I said it. But I was recently reminded of how adorably clogs go with a fall ensemble of a dress with tights. AND they’re comfortable! Sold. Size 8.

Next year in Savannah, without my car, what better way to get around town than on this adorable bike custom created by yours truly? This baby may actually make me want to exercise.

Hello. Me. This dress. Europe. It really could not be more perfect. I can’t tell if I like because it’s cute, or I like it because it makes me feel like Fraulein Maria. Both.

Now that the kibosh has been put on my dream of owning a polaroid camera, thanks to the evil camera gods discontinuing them, I have found an alternative that makes me feel all giddy inside. The Instax is basically amazing.

I just like this dress. Although the model seems quite heavily medicated and isn’t selling the dress at all, I wwaaaaanttt iiiitttttt!!!!!!

So, there you have it. Now, go off and fuel my fire of greed.

**Disclaimer: failure to produce gift will result in one or all of the following consequences:
1. My judgement on your over all character will be marred.
2. Refusal of admittance to my graduation party.
3. Contamination of guest’s food at said party. (You won’t want to know what’s in those tacos)

Consider yourself warned.

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