My Grandma is a Genius.

I should have known that if I had just talked to the wise Marchetta Harrington Burlingham, all of my problems would have been solved. Duh.
Yesterday before watching my extremely talented cousin, Emilia, play the violin at the Segerstrom, the Keetsmeister was telling me how much she loved my name, Julia, and how I am related to the original Julia in our family (a story that I have heard a million times before, but with a key part left out). So, my great grandmother, Blanche, had a cousin who grew up in the early 1900s. Her name was Julia Furey. When my mom was pregnant with me, Blanche mentioned how much she always loved that name. Well, my parents liked it and here I am today. But the part I had never heard before was the middle name, Furey. For some reason when my grandma said that to me, something clicked. It sounds oddly feminine and unique, but at the same time feisty and strong. Do you see where I’m going with this? Julia Furey as the name of my company. Brilliant. O Keeta, you’ve done it again! I like the fact that it has my name in it, a little family history, and rolls of the tongue quite well. On top of the fact that there is the added bonus of Julia growing up in the time that my line was inspired by. And because you guys suck at participating and giving your opinion, for all I know you hate all of the other names. So there you go. Julia Furey. I like it. Do you? PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. I can take it.

On a completely unrelated note, one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, posted a story today about a man and woman from New York who eloped recently. Obviously, there is nothing to revolutionary about that, but I loved reading about how simple and intimate their special day was. Sometimes I think about how fun it would be just to hit up city hall and to elope and not tell anyone. But I know my mom would kill me for not letting her be there. I don’t know…luckily that decision is far off into the future. I just thought I’d share their story with you.

4 thoughts on “My Grandma is a Genius.

  1. OOOOH I like it! How do you pronounce that exactly? phinetically???(is that how you spell it?) I think I like it better than the other actually. Also, you may already know about this because you are super blogger person, but have you heard of the site it's incredible!the little tag line thing is “like FML, but for optomists!” I think you would like it(:

  2. LOVE it! It has such character! And, it could work in a lot of arenas and represent varied styles and lines . . . and I do love the first name and the girl behind it! Mum

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