SCAD vs. Parsons. Let the War begin.

Yesterday I got into my dream school….my other dream school. And what I thought would be a great and exciting thing is turning into the hardest decision in the world! SCAD or Parsons? I could fully go through both arguments on here, but that would take up about two pages of back and forth and would be quite boring to read, so I will just give you the main points that have popped into my head since I opened up that terrible/amazing letter in the mail:

I got into Parsons!

That’s cool. I’m glad I’m going to SCAD.
Wait- I got into Parsons.
Why do I feel weird right now?
Do I want to go to SCAD or Parsons?
They are both great schools.
But one has to be better.
Which one is better?
If only this were as easy as buying a school sweatshirt.
What if I make the wrong choice?
Is there a wrong choice?
Once I decide, there is no looking back.
How cold does it really get in New York in the winter?
Can I handle New York Winters?
Can I handle Savannah Summers?
Which one of these schools will get me a better job?

I wish a lady in a black robe with no face would come up to me and hand me a slip of paper with the name of one school on it.
No, that’d be weird.
Am I looking more towards my future future or my college future?
Don and Linda moving right before I leave does not make this decision any easier.
Maybe I should just get a job here and be a moocher for about 15 more years and then move out.
Since when is getting into your top two colleges a bad thing?
I’ve got great roommates lined up at SCAD. What if I have crappy roomies at Parsons?
There is no crab shack in New York.
There is no Insomnia in Savannah.
It feels like people I talk to are more excited about SCAD.
Am I reading too much into what people have said to me about SCAD?
Am I putting too much weight into what other people think?
I just want some more chocolate cake, but it’s all the way downstairs.
I’ve had too much chocolate cake today.
Will I fit in more in New York or Savannah?
Will I fit in anywhere?
Who cares about fitting in?
I care about fitting in.
I did get a paper cut from opening the Parsons letter.
Maybe that means something.
Jeremiah 29:11
Ok. Make a decision. Now.
What’s the first school that pops into your head…Now.

9 thoughts on “SCAD vs. Parsons. Let the War begin.

  1. Julia!!
    I am so proud of you and excited for you!Choosing between two amazing schools is such a difficult decision, but I assure you that in the next few weeks something will pop in your head or someone will tell you something and you will know what the right decision is. It seems like thats not possible, but trust me it totally will! I am so proud of you and so excited that you will be going to one of your dream schools. I love you and know that God will take care of you and will lead you in the right direction.
    Love, Tracer

  2. I wish I had seen this before…I actually just graduated from SCAD and just about everyone I know from the school got a great job right off the bat. There are so many companies that love recruiting from SCAD because it's better known for preparing its students in a variety of programs…design…ect….so which did you choose? I'm very curious…

  3. Hello, anonymous!
    I ended up going with SCAD and I absolutely love it. It really was a hard call because I'm a fashion major and both programs really are so great. I know I would be happy at either, but I am so glad to be here. It is nice, though to hear this from someone who has actually graduated from SCAD and knows its mystical powers from personal experience. I actually have a few questions for you if you don't mind… 1) what was your major and 2) what led you to finding this post on the internet from so long ago and finally 3) who are you!? haha

  4. Hey! I will be graduating from high school soon, and I really have no idea which school I want to go to. SCAD or Parsons? I visited both..SCAD seemed to be better, but Parsons is right smack in the middle of New York City, so there must be more opportunities there! I live in South Carolina and they both seem like great colleges but I don't know if I can stay away from New York for so long…I don't know what to do! 🙁 Aaagghh. I'm glad you are happy at SCAD 🙂 I loved it when I visited.

  5. Hello!!! I have the same problem!!! I was wondering if you've made your decision yet? the overall points for each school are amazing. and I was wondering if you'd found one particular thing that influenced your decision?

  6. Dear Julia, Anonymous & Kymber, guess what..
    I'm right at the same point where you guys were..
    I'm actually considering a graduate program and I'm just not sure where to go and what to do!!!
    You have expressed all my feelings towards the situation.
    Good to know you are happy with your choices.. I hope I'll be able to decide soon.

  7. Really depends on what your major is.

    I just graduated from SCAD. I'd recommend it for interior design majors, architecture majors, and most computer art related majors, but as for my major I literally could NOT have had a worse college experience.

    Do you research and choose wisely…. Good luck!


  8. Hi! Just read your blog post and it hit home. I am in the same situation. I want to study fashion marketing and my parents think SCAD is better organized and dedicated to the students than Parsons. However, my heart is NYC and its avid environment. I think that for fashion business connections and networking (for internships) is super important and I think NYC would be ideal for that. I have friends that have interned at New York Fashion week as SOPHOMORES at Parson’s. I feel like I wouldn’t get that at SCAD. Thoughts?? maybe you could help clear my mind..

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