I think I’m in Love

With Josh Turner. I know he’s been around for a while, but his voice just make me want to follow him anywhere. I am the rat to his Pied Piper. Can I please meet my own sexy and sweet and southern Josh Turner next year? Yes. Yes, please. Am I the only one that feels this way?

I know this video is made of cheese balls, but just for the sake of argument, pretend that the special affects don’t suck and that the old man at the end isn’t, in fact, a pedophile.

One thought on “I think I’m in Love

  1. JULIA ANNE PATTON! This is a major cousin telepathy thing because ever since I heard “Why don't we just dance” (which is my favorite song right now)I have become obsessed with Josh Turner! My personal favorite of the sexy and sweet Josh is “your man”…the very beginning of that song with his deep sexy voice…OMG! I completely agree and you are not alone! All his songs are great…”Firecracker”, “Long Black Train” (for a more serious note but equally excellent). AND…he came to Spokane a week ago for a concert and I wanted to go but no one would go with me!!! If only you were here): I think we need to take a trip to some places where the real cowboys are and find us each a MAN!

    Love you!(and country singers)

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