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Right now, the only thing that can satisfy me is an outstandingly made baked good. I’m sick today and I hate it when you get sick and you know you’re not deathly ill or even mildly flu-ish, but you just don’t feel good. Back to the baked goods: Ever since I started this whole lent thing, all I’ve wanted to do is go out to eat. It seems to be one of these “Don’t touch this plate. It’s very hot.” “OUCH!” kind of situations. For example, this past week, my mind has been transfixed on the thought of Ho Sum’s amazing Won Ton soup, that actually has nothing like won tons in it. It’s lovely and soothing combination of chicken broth, various vegetables and large dumplings has sounded so delicious. Or lately, all I’ve wanted to do is drive, walk or bike over to Suzy Cakes and pick up one of there perfect brownies. So the other day to quench my sugary thirst, I attempted to make my own Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes– not bad, not good, just ehh. I want Sprinkles. But, alas, I will not have the satisfaction of these treats in my belly until April 3– a whopping 39 days from now. Other than the pre-natal like cravings, Lent has been going quite well. Last night I made home-made spaghetti and meatballs with red sauce and I thought it went pretty well! Even if it was a little more sweet than I may have liked, the process was so fun and satisfying. It’s been a challenge, but something that I’m looking forward to accomplishing. You might have picked up on the mention of biking just a few short sentences ago. Well, that was no typing error on my part, friends. I have noticed, in my many reflections of last summer’s life changing month in New York, that one of my favorite things about my stay there was the walking. There is something about walking every where that just makes thing seem more meaningful or thought out. It allows you to really take in wherever you are going and, in New York especially, soak up your surroundings. I love the invention of the car and I’m not one to knock the mobilization of America, but I think that I need to start walking or biking more places. Practically speaking, it may not work out as well as New York, simply because of the poor public transportation system, the way our fair Orange County is geographically laid out, and or the time limits that are put on the travel time it takes to get from one place to another, but this will not stop me from trying. Who wants to commit to walking more with me? By the way, you know what I’m really sick of? Walking around Balboa Island. Yes, it’s beautiful and yes, it’s a nice sized walk (just enough for exercise, but not too much to take up your whole day), but I just feel like what you are essentially doing is walking in a large circle for no apparent reason. It’s not like the beautiful homes that we are walking in front of are doing anything super entertaining to look at anyway. Call it a case of the Lazies, but I’m boycotting Balboa Island. From now on, it’s Crystal Cove hike or bust.

3 thoughts on “Cupcakes, Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, More, More, MORE!

  1. I am totally with you on the walking thing! After having to walk everywhere up here in WA I am realizing that I really like it! But I agree…it depends where you are. New York or Seattle or downtown Spokane are all excellent places to take in some interesting surroundings and beautiful things, but not so much in the city part of the OC. Soooo…I think over spring break we should go for a walk/hike somewhere VERY cool/pretty and then proceed home to make a delicious home cooked meal. Sound like a plan??? Also, I'm sick too so I'm feeling your pain/:

    Love you! -Taryn

  2. Okay since you have a light school load and are trying to think of things to do…when I come hoem for my sprink break we are going hiking probably everyday. haha but seriously I love hiking and I will be board because everyone will have gone back to school by then. Can't wait! Love you!

    p.s. I totally agree with Tenin and the whole love walking thing! 🙂

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