What I’m Obsessed with Today

So, now that I know I’m headed down south for the next four years, I have been doing some major damage in the google search department of Savannah, Georgia. Things like where to eat, where to shop, where to live are all big questions that I feel more comfortable being an expert on before I move myself and all my priceless belongings down. A major question, of course, is what to listen to. The trigger answer would obviously be country, which I am not apposed to one bit due to the fact that most of my ipod is already screaming anything Tim Mcgraw. But you may be surprised to hear that Savannah is fast becoming a music capitol for smaller alternative bands. With all of that being said, please enjoy the free musical experience that is http://www.scadradio.org. These mellow tunes are perfect for studying, surfing the web or enjoying whatever life has to offer you everyday. Happy Wednesday, lovies!

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