I wish I could like Valentines Day. I really do, but right now, I just can’t. With all the chocolates, balloons, and flowers I feel that there are enough people celebrating and not enough boycotting. Although I could join the group who celebrate “Singles Awareness Day” (ironically shortened to S.A.D.) I feel that that is too cynical. Among other changes in 2010, I have decided that being cynical is just a pure waste of time. So I’m trying to be po….ppp…po-s-s…..positive (it’s still hard for me to say it). So, here is a list of other landmarks on February 14th that we can recognize and enjoy without the terrible and inevitable loneliness of Valentines Day…and you can avoid the emotional eating binge that comes with all the excess candy.
My personal favorite is Oregon’s admittance as the 33rd state. Where in the world would we be without Oregon?
Look forward to my next post when reveal for the first time on the world wide web my Senior Project! More to come.

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